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Delivery situation of Japanese components

Since in March the catastrophy in Japan took place we have got many inquiries from our customers. We understand your worries about the actual situation and the possible effects in delivery delays and contaminations of Japanese products. We assure you that we are in contact with our manufacturers, forwarders as well as the local authorities in order to ensure a supply without problems.

The Japanese manufacturer Fukushima Futaba has informed about their continuos production since March 16th. Up to now there is no time delay in deliveries. Please see their confirmation.

The manufacturer has different production locations in China, Taiwan and the prefecture of Fukushima which is located in the heartlands of Japan. We cannot necessarily assume that the electronic parts are contaminated during the production as the fabrication is effected under controlled climatic conditions.

The import control at the borders of European Union are liable to customs and federal police. The customs at Hamburg Harbour was informed about future imports through our forwarder so that we can assume that our goods will be controlled carefully..

On the following websites you can receive latest information about the regulations and provisions of the German local authorities :

We ask for your understanding that we as distributor are not able to issue a security clearance. However, you can be sure that no contamined goods will reach our warehouse - just for the safety of our personal staff.

According the information of our Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers there is no influence on their production or supply of raw materials.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. In case not being sure or searching for alternatives , we will undertake all efforts to help you with our knowledge.

Pulheim, 15.04.2011

Japan is suffering from the impacts of the worst natural disasters in its country.
Our thoughts are with the people of Japan and feel the deepest sympathy in the face of this unimaginable catastrophe.

But given the situation there, which cannot be assessed even by experts on site in terms of electricity supply, manufacturing, transport, ..., please understand that we, as a distributor, cannot provide any information about future deliveries.

We are in touch with our manufacturers and and we will keep you informed with reliable information as soon as we got.

Pulheim, 15.03.2011