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Newsletter - January 2005

  1. ISO certificate : we made it ! NOVA has done a further step into the right direction. Since beginning of November we are ISO certified. You can download from our website.
  2. Vitrohm - for now one year they deliver again resistors under brandname "VITROHM". The latest catalogue is available. Please ask for.
  3. K+B GmbH - they introduced a new IEC connector - integrating fused and overload protection. Just ask for brochure and samples.
  4. ROHS - this EU directive is important for all electronic people. We have a service on our website, where you can find all necessary information about our represented manufacturers.
  5. TEAPO - the coated type of film capacitors (type: Y1-PI) is still available and can be purchased via NOVA. Order right now.
  6. PRESTIGE - this Taiwanese manufacturer of MKP capacitors is new in our products. He produces the capacitors nearly identical to the discontinued TEAPO capacitors (YE-DS) You can get with or without VDE approval.
  7. COMP-CARDs - we have two new assortments with metalfilm-resistors of Phoenix Passive Components Brasil - Just see the CBR-121 and CBR-122
  8. PTR Messtechnik - terminal blocks and test probes - new developments and favorable prices - you can count on PTR and NOVA.
  9. SAMXON - aluminium-electrolytics with life time of 10.000 hrs and more - interested, just ask for .