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Newsletter - November 2009

Again a year is ending - for you, for us and for all our business partners not an easy one which we had to overcome. We hope that next year we will have much more positive news and look forward to the year 2010.

What is new from us and from our manufacturers?

FUKUSHIMA TThe wellknown metalband resistors now with 1W ex stock NOVA, Type: MPS1
MEDER Products - the solution for your application with low energy consumption
- we support you in your development - just ask for our advice
NOVA New assortment with low ESR aluminium electrolytics from TEAPO - Type: CCC-17
RALEC Chip-resistors in sizes 0402 / 0603 / 0805 / 1206 now ex stock NOVA
TEAPO new snap-In electrolytic with 5.000 hours load life - Type: LQ
Enlargement of our stock with radial "Low ESR" and "Ultra Low Impedance"
Chip aluminium electrolytics - Type: SY and Type: EV
VITROHM Safety resistor for 230V application in new case size - Type: RZC/RCZ/RCF
New Ohm values of the metaloxide-resistors PO595-0 - now from 0,1 Ohm on

All data sheets of our distributed products you find on our

We thank you for the co-operation in the last year and for the trust you had in us. We wish you, your family and your colleagues already today a very happy Xmas and a very good start into 2010.