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Newsletter - April 2010

We hope that you have had a good start into Year 2010 and that you feel the positive economical signs, too. NOVA Elektronik this year celebrates 30 years' birthday - a time full of fascinating and eventful developments in the electronic market.

What's new with NOVA and our suppliers ?

FUKUSHIMA delivery times for MPC, CWR and COR resistors is rising to approx. 18 weeks if NOVA does not have stock
MPE Garry Delivery problems with series BL20 - alternative BL20-S ; just ask for samples and datasheets
NOVA (personal) Supporting NOVA sales - new in our team are Mrs. Michaelis in sales and Mr. Dietrich as technical outdoor sales
NOVA (Compcards) Change of supplier in assortment CCC-31 to Cosonic
Assortments with MMU0102 resistors (Type SBR-04 and SBR-07) are discontinued, delivery is subject to change without notice
RALEC Chip-resistors in sizes 0402 / 0603 / 0805 / 1206 at NOVA Stock of rising demand we have increased our stock capacity
TEAPO New snap-in electrolytic with 5.000 hrs life time - type: LQ
New radial low impedance electrolytic with 10.000 hrs life time - type: ST
New radial electrolytic in higher tempearutre 125C: type: AH
Just ask for brandnew catalogue
VITROHM New delivery times ; spezial respect to metal oxide PO591-0 with 26 weeks
Price increases for Vitrohm and Yageo products from May 2010 possible

All datasheets from products can be downloaded on our