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Newsletter - May 2011

Just getting over the economic depression of 2009, the electronic industry suffers the next problems. The natural catastrophy in March this year in Japan claims human lifes and destiny and the effects of this catastrophy cannot be foreseen.
Delivery times for aluminium electrolytic capacitors of 16 weeks - that is unknown word.

However, NOVA Elektronik can report only good news:

FUKUSHIMA The production is running without any delay. Further, you can get the known MPC, CWR/COR, RNS/RSS resistors with short delivery times from our stock
RALEC SMD resistors in popular sizes 0402/0603/0805/1205 in our stock.
Further, the automaotive AECQ200 certificate is planned for end 2011
SAMXON SMD resistors are discontinued ; new focus on Super Caps and Electronic Double Layer Capacitors - just ask for your catalogues.
Production time : 6 to 8 weeks
TEAPO Production time : 6-8 weeks
VITROHM Braking resistors up to 20kW can be delivered - new in the distribution program , series BRU

In case we should support you with alternative components, just send us your inquiry.
We are able to transcode and will send you our favourable quotation.

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