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We develop, equip and deliver:

COMP-CARD® Assortments

We distribute the manufacturer:

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors and filmcapacitors
by Teapo / Member of Yageo Group

Resistors by Fukushima Futaba Electric Co., Ltd.
Resistors by Vitrohm
IEC connectors by K + B GmbH (MPE Garry)
Cablebinder and accessory parts by Panduit
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors and supercaps by Samxon (Man Yue Electronics)
Chip resistors and sense resistors by RALEC
Film capacitors by Prestige
MKP capacitors with VDE indication by Seika

We also deliver:

Passive components by Yageo
X2-, ceramic- and film capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors from Suntan
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors by Luxon
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors by Jamicon
Connectors by ITW Pancon GmbH
Connectors by Franz Binder GmbH
Trimmer and potentiometer by Piher
Terminal Blocks, Din rail terminal blocks, test probes
by PTR / Phoenix Mecano

Fuses and fuse holders by Püschel
Male and female header, IC-Sockets by MPE Garry
Reed relays, reed sensors, reed switches by Meder
Soldering terminals by HESCON
Cable processing by Müller Plastik
Passive components by Vishay

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